Where it all started

The Mason family Ann and Philip and their children Andrew, Paul and Rachel(me) moved to Bog Mill, Alnwick in around 1982. Much work followed with the renovation of the farmhouse into a habitable home and the conversion of the dilapidated buildings and surrounding land into a working small holding. My mum Ann was the farmer while my dad Philip went out to work during the day and helping every other available hour. My childhood memories of growing up at Bog Mill are filled with happy recollections of all the animals we looked after, rabbits, sheep, calves, dogs, cats, ducks, geese (still terrified of them to this day), chickens, goats to name but a few!

Around 1999 Ann and Philip found themselves alone at Bog Mill, all their children having flown the nest and decided it was time for their retirement from the day job and farming duties. So they embarked on a much bigger project, well actually sitting back and relaxing during retirement would never have suited my parents anyway!

The birth of Bog Mill Holiday Cottages was about to commence. Here are some photos from that time, as you will see my whole family were involved.

Not much left of the Byre at this point
My brother Paul and his wife Pauline get hands on with the conversion
Ann mixing and carrying the morter
Philip bought himself a new toy to help with the conversion
Those beautiful original archways celebrated
The Byre windows going in
The roof goes on
My brother Andrew and his wife Lesley working hard
Drains going in

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