Potted Lobster, Bamburgh

It was a hard task but somebody had to do it. Today I felt it was essential that in order to be able to make well researched recommendations to Bog Mill visitors of places to eat out around the area it was only right I researched one of those venues. That’s my excuse anyway and I’m sticking to it!

So it was lunchtime today that I found myself at the Potted Lobster in Bamburgh. Arriving quite early and entering an empty restaurant was a little disappointing, but I shouldn’t have worried as within a few minutes 3 more couples had arrived definitely improving the atmosphere.

The menu had a good spread of choices from the seafood selections I’d been hoping for to steak, salads and pasta  dishes.

For my starter I chose the ‘Sticky crab claws’ (£10) and wow, I was not disappointed, I was so keen to dive in I even forgot to photograph so can’t remember now exactly how many claws graced my plate but remember thinking it was more than I had expected possibly 4 large claws and lower arm bits- lacking technical knowledge of a crabs anatomy I’m afraid. But I was in heaven, they had been precracked so it was easy to scoop out the delicious meat smothered in a sweet chilli sauce. I tried an occasional crack, just to test out the crackers that accompanied the dish really, and managed a fine shot right into the eye of my fellow diner from the ensuing shattering of shell whoops!

They weren’t too worried really though as they were too busy tucking into their scallops and black pudding dish they described as ‘really delicious’- although I did see some envious looks passing over the table at my crab claws, at least I think it was envy, maybe it was actually worry at me picking up my shell crackers again!

For my main I went with the red mullet and prawn linguine (£16) I have a big soft spot for seafood pasta and I wasn’t disappointed, although the huge chunky chips of my fellow diner did look delicious.

On arrival I must admit I was a bit worried by the prices and hoped I had made the right choice of first restaurant to review- purely for the benefit of guests to Bog Mill Cottages (am I convincing anyone yet???) but really pleased to report I absolutely loved this restaurant and would encourage visitors to try it if you at a fan of fabulous seafood in a beautiful village in the shadow of Bamburgh Castle.

That was the only negative I can think of actually, we had a window seat and absolutely zero view to speak of other than the road outside, shame, but you can’t have it all, and a quick stroll down the street to walk off the food and you’ll soon be back within view of the castle and coastline that make Bamburgh such a beauty spot.

In conclusion a ‘cracking’ meal, top end price wise  but oh so good.

Remember to book though, while we were there the flow of phone call bookings to the restaurant was constant and it’s clear that although lunchtimes may be a little quieter (in February anyway) this certainly isn’t the case for evenings at the Potted Lobster (Or Potted Shrimp as my fellow diner would have it 🙄)

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