History in action at Alnmouth beach

Alnwick is fortunate enough to currently have an amazing Playhouse www.alnwickplayhouse.co.uk which hosts a huge range of theatrical performances and films. Not only produced by local amateur groups but regularly get famous names and tribute acts that could rival the originals (well sometimes).

Anyway, yesterday my son Adam and I went to see the Oscar award winning ‘Darkest Hour’ film about World War 2. Adam has been learning about WWII at school and throughout the film was filling me in with extra facts he had learnt at school.

So today this was forefront in our minds when we took one of our regular ‘blowing the cobwebs away’ walks along Alnmouth Beach. Now I had heard that the recent Storm Emma and the Beast from the East combined had taken its toll on the dunes at Alnmouth, but I truly was shocked when I arrived to see the level of dune erosion which had taken place. Where previously there had been a single row of ‘tank traps’ lining the coast now the full extent of the measures put in place during wartime had become completely exposed. With ‘Darkest Hour’ fresh in our minds it was really fascinating to see first hand the newly exposed tank traps, aircraft shelters and yellow brick structures which we guessed to be lookout towers. So many measures in place, evidence the threat of enemy invasion must have been such a real prospect in such a sleepy coastal village.

Adam and I both came back keen to research what action Alnmouth did see during the war, history in evidence today, what better way to learn about our past, bringing school subjects to life right here on our doorstep.

Alnmouth beach proved not only to be as spectacularly beautiful today with its expanses of sand and clear waters as it always is, but with that extra element of brand new history to discover it’s a not to be missed visit when you stay at Bog Mill. I can’t wait to get back there again soon. Rachel x

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