Thanks so much to my latest Byre guests for this message left in my comments book this morning.

Here at ‘The Byre’ with everything nigh. Is a perfect retreat to let life sail by.

It’s got all the comforts and lots of charm. It’s beautifully presented, this cottage on the farm.

Rachel herself, has worked magic indeed. For everything was here, all that we’d need.

Rachel’s folks were helpful and friendly too. So thanks Ann and Philip for all that you do.

A car was not needed, we got lots of fresh air. Walked many miles locally, took buses everywhere.

The Northumbria of old in this modern age. Is there to explore, it’s an open page.

Lots of castles, gardens and scenery galore. The coastal walks are glorious with long sandy shores.

It’s been a privilege to stay here in this cottage of stone. For four lovely weeks, it’s felt like home.

So Rachel, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. ‘The Byre’ was excellent and deserves 5 stars!

Barb and Harry, Vancouver Island, Canada

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